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Maximize your online visibility and traffic with a Yelp Agency Partner.

More than 170 million people use Yelp every month to find local businesses, making it one of the most trusted business directories globally. In addition to offering reliable business listings, Yelp customers can share reviews to help others make purchasing decisions. Every day, thousands of opinions and ratings are shared publicly about local businesses.

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Expand Your Local Reach and Drive Traffic with Yelp

Besides being a valuable resource for consumers, Yelp is also an effective tool for businesses looking to establish an online presence. The platform allows businesses to claim a free page, boost their reach through advertising, and feature posts in weekly emails. With the right strategy, businesses can leverage Yelp to improve online visibility, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. Small or large, this platform offers incredible opportunities for any business.

How Yelp Management Agencies Benefit Your Business

The process of creating and maintaining a strong business listing involves many tasks, such as responding to reviews and regularly updating your profile. Additionally, optimizing your Yelp profile with SEO is an ongoing process requiring you to utilize all of Yelp’s features. For businesses lacking the time and expertise, hiring a Yelp management agency can help you maximize Yelp’s platform for a greater ROI.

Yelp management agencies, specifically certified Yelp partners, can offer many benefits for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase sales. With exclusive resources and support, Yelp partners are trained to effectively optimize your presence and ensure successful ad campaigns. In addition, Yelp partners gain access to special promotions and advertising pricing. With reduced fees and effective ad strategies, businesses can run successful campaigns on a budget that’s cost-effective.

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Yelp Strategy

Having a good Yelp marketing strategy can make or break a business. At Digital Standout, our Yelp strategies ensure that customers can find your business and choose you over the competition.

Profile Optimization

Present your business in the best possible light with proper profile optimization. Our team will enhance your profile with a compelling bio, add engaging photos and videos, prevent competitor ads from showing on your page, and add a powerful call-to-action feature.

Keyword Research

Optimizing your business page and ads with the proper keywords will help your listing rank higher and gain more traffic. Digital Standout’s experts conduct extensive keyword research to ensure your ads and business page drive real, qualified leads.


As a certified Yelp partner, Digital Standout must meet Yelp’s strict requirements and follow best advertising practices. With years of experience in Yelp advertising, we have honed in on effective techniques to save businesses both time and money.

Analytics and Reporting

Track your progress with detailed monthly reporting. Digital Standout performs regular analytics to see how your campaigns are performing and offers valuable insights on how your business can make improvements.

Work With A Yelp Premier Partner

Working with Digital Standout means collaborating with a certified Yelp business partner. Through our partnership with Yelp, we bring innovative and proven solutions to help our clients connect more effectively with local customers.

Studies show that 82% of Yelp users use the platform when ready to buy. In fact, 79% of users report making a purchase within a week of using Yelp. Compared to other platforms, Yelp users have the greatest intent to buy. Digital Standout can help you employ powerful ad campaigns that ensure your business is visible and attractive to customers ready to make a purchase.

We’ve helped numerous healthcare companies successfully scale their business using Yelp and other search platforms, and we can help you do the same.

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